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Black People. Black Solutions. Black Liberation.

About Us

Our Mission

The Mission of Divine Action is to inspire and facilitate Black self-sufficiency through initiatives focusing on individual and communal economic prosperity, Black-centered education, physical and mental health, effective self-defense, and youth development.

Through these efforts and collective action, we believe that we can achieve true liberation across the African Diaspora.

How You Can Support

Become a Member

Our three levels of membership include merchandise, discounts, and other perks. Most importantly, your contribution helps us progress towards our goal of facilitating Black self-sufficiency.


We are a community-funded organization that is reliant on the generosity of donors. A donation of any amount is sincerely appreciated.

Become a Corporate Sponsor

We’re currently looking for Corporate Sponsors to assist in moving our organizational goals from vision to reality by providing a one-time or annual contribution. This support will help us secure locations and materials for our events, as well as ensure the longevity of the organization.

Become a Leader

We’re a grassroots organization that aims to expand nationwide. Let us know if you’re interested in starting a Divine Action chapter in your area!