Support Our Revolutionaries: Jalil Muntaqim

At just 19 years old, Black Panther Party and Black Liberation Army member Jalil Muntaqim (born Anthony Bottom) became one of the New York Three, after being accused of assassinating two NYPD officers on May 21st, 1971. 

The information surrounding Jalil’s case is highly debated, as he was specifically named in COINTELPRO documents as member of the Black Liberation Movement who had to be “neutralized”. During his trial, it’s believed that the FBI and NYPD manufactured evidence to secure a conviction. In fact, in a separate 1971 case related to a BPP member being accused of shooting NYPD officers, Dhoruba bin Wahad was convicted and served 19 years— until he was released in 1990 due to a successful appeal based on information found in COINTELPRO documents, which detailed how evidence was manufactured and testimony perjured. 

However, that case (and subsequent acquittal) has not been allowed as evidence in Jalil’s case. 

Despite having been eligible for parole since 1993, Jalil has been denied parole 11 times and has been imprisoned for nearly 50 years.

To Send Jalil Money:


State: New York

Inmate Number: #77A4283

To Send Jalil a Letter:

Anthony Jalil Bottom #77A4283

Sullivan Correctional Facility

PO Box 116

Fallsburg, NY


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