Events and Programs

Our programming supports our five pillars for Black liberation.

Current Events

Women’s Self Defense Sponsorships

Divine Action is helping Black women protect themselves by paying the fees associated with obtaining a concealed carry license. If you would like to apply for a concealed carry license sponsorship, please contact us below. If you are not a Black woman, but would like to help support this program, please contact us using the same form.

*Note* Please be informed about your city/county/state laws regarding gun ownership before applying.

Women’s Self Defense Partnership

Divine Action has partnered with The Lash Vault, a Black woman-owned business that produces self defense keychains. We’ve given these keychains to Black women via a giveaway on our via our social media channels. To participate in the future, please follow us across social media channels and stay tuned for the next giveaway.

Image courtesy of The Lash Vault

Upcoming Events

Back-to-School Drive

*Dates and Locations TBD

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